Tuesday, September 05, 2006

buster love

buster love
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Hey y'all with the bikes,

1. Thanks so much for coming out and making that race

2. This is an email to everyone who signed up at the
Pub. We'll be using this list to send out very few but
highly relevant emails about upcoming Busternut-isms.
Forward it to interested folks.

3. We're going to print Busternut t-shirts in the next
couple weeks. They will be $10 if you use our t-shirts
or $6 if you mail/deliver your own t-shirt to us. The
shirts are from Alternative Apparel--a company who
"enforce[s] total compliance with local labor laws
that include child labor regulations as well as
adequate living wages." You can check out the shirts
here and imagine them Army Greenish with a dark red
Buster logo.

Men's -->

Women's -->

Shirts + shipping will cost about $5. The other $5
will go to a group in town who's fund raising for a
Haitian orphanage and approached us about making some
USDeez off the race.

If you would like to get one of these t-shirts, you
need to email us your preferred size within the next

4. Lastly, this will hopefully be the lengthiest email
we send. We're planning a Busternut 2 for November
25th, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Also known as
Buy Nothing Day. (Does this mean we'll have to
pre-purchase beer?) Maybe Buy Local Day. If you're
interested in helping or planning or promoting the
next Buster, drop us a line here.

5. Word,
el gran senor Nut


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