Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Last Busternut

On Sept. 8 was fun. We had about 30 riders. Pictures soon to be posted.

No one from Harper's won this one! Someone else did, I hear his name is Bart, and I know he will get Buster soon.

Below are the bike haiku folks wrote at Caswell park.

Lovely summer day
sweaty biking through Parkridge
thankful for two wheels.

Biking in the sun.
Really into fixed gearing.
My friends are the bomb.

Biking is awesome.
Ride it 7 days a week.
Makes you feel so good!

Bikes are dangerous.
U might die bu you have fun.
Bikes are really scary.

I love bike because heart.
I love bike when I cross.
I love bicycle.

Maddie is really great.
She rides a bike very well.
She's the best I've met.

Black top hot on wheels
take me home to the AC--
old gray is magic.

Helmet on my head,
humidity all around:
I'm ready to go.

Busternut is hard.
Brendan, he gave me asthma.
Go to Birdhouse now.

I love to ride bikes
I really really really really really do
la de da de da

Biking is so fun
I ride my bike while drinking
Good times drunken ride

Bicycles rolling
Into the crimson sunset
Boy becomes a man

It is September
Busternut bike race is on
Pedal pedal go!

Biking is great
Roads are fun to ride bikes
Jack Hunt loves his bike

Sweetly riding on
steel frame delight-lee
between my feet yes

Wheel on steel and wire
Live on my big rubber tire
The call me Sir Tire

Harrison, Ethan,
Colin, Leslie, and myself
All riding fixed gear

I rode my bike on
the hot and sweaty humid
day to the Birdhouse

Bicycle is blue
Knoxville, wonderful Knoxville.
Go and go and go!

Pedal pedal fast
Like the alley cat -- myrow!
But too many hills

I dislike bike chains.
Riding bikes is awesome.
My hands are dirty.

Round round round wheels go.
Elephants don't ride bikes, no.
I'm not an elephant.

I love to ride bikes.
Bikes are so fucking very fun.
I want to ride them.

Oh my bicycle.
You are so red and shiny.
Clickity Click Click.

Biking is so fun
and we play in the hot sun.
Fix your broken chain!

Two wheels kick your ass.
Cruise or die mother fucker.
Eat my dust ass hole.
-Anne and Colin